Digital technology at the service of art and culture


Hochfeiler has been operating in Rome since 1991 in the field of design and development of IT applications and multimedia systems with interactive consultation and has a team of specialists who come from the world of communications science, teaching, information technology and graphic arts. Thanks to the creative capacity of its multimedia laboratory, Hochfeiler has demonstrated its ability to combine computer science and multimedia, design and art, electronic publishing and literary tradition, creating complex hypermedia products, websites and portals designed for a wide spectrum of users.


Barts (Ballandi Arts)

Barts is a television production company, founded by Bibi Ballandi and Mario Paloschi. It specializes in cultural, socio-political, historical and musical television productions. Barts has produced numerous documentaries for State TV, for SKY Italia, Sky UK and Discovery. Founded in 2012 as the division dedicated to the cultural television documentaries of Ballandi Multimedia, it became an independent company in 2016.