The app “Eterna Tuscia” was developed to be used, as a local guide in the archaeological and tourist areas of Blera, Norchia and Tuscania, as it provides recommended itineraries and a list of the most interesting places to visit, accompanied by a brief historical-artistic information; once at home the app becomes a memories album.


Eterna Tuscia, developed in Italian and English, allows you to insert your photos into a container that is both a guide and a repository.


We often take videos or photos guided by the suggestion of the moment. It follows that, once home, those photos and videos end up accumulating in the confusion of memories..


The app allows, through the “MAKE YOUR GALLERY” and “ENJOY YOUR GALLERY” functions, to take photos, videos and record audio files and then catalog and geolocate them.


It will thus be possible to create a gallery that can be consulted by file type or category, enter titles and descriptions and return to the places already seen or recommend them to others through the geolocation.


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